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When is waterproofing necessary?

It is very important to maintain a dry basement to prevent mold and water damage.  At any sign of water leaking, contact us for a repair.

Are waterproofing materials toxic?

Our materials are safe to use and will be dry within 24 hours of the repair.

How long does a repair take?

Typically our repairs will be done within 2 hours. Contact us directly for a more detailed estimate. 

When will the repair be dry and ready?

The repair will be active and working as soon as we are done.  Most of our materials will be dry within 24 hours.

Can waterproofing be done while actively leaking or wet?

Yes!  We can repair most waterproofing issues even while the crack is actively leaking or wet.

What is the timeframe of the appointment for the repair?

We value and respect your time.  We will schedule an appointment with a 1-hour window, so that we arrive promptly and get the repair done quickly


Monday - Friday
9am - 5pm


Carol Stream, IL

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